Complete diet for Breeding and Maintenance of Guinea Pigs

for Barriers und Isolatores (irradiated)

LASQCdiet® Cav14, Rad, 3,5 mm, Zero, Cert, +L-Box *)
irradiated, certified guinea pig diet for growth and maintenance
soya free, non-GMO, no coating, GLP compliance analysis . . . .. . . . . . . . . ..Data Sheet


LASQCdiet® Cav14 was developed for the breeding and maintenance of rabbits.          Cav14 fulfils the requirements of the “New Scientific Standard”. Through the choice of raw materials and nutrients, especially the requirements of growth of young animals and maintenance are all well supported.


Protein (%) 14,9 Calcium (%) 1,3
Fat (%) 3,2 Phosphorus (%) 0,6
Fibre (%) 15,7 DE (MJ) 9,1

*) Rad - Gamma- Irradiation
The product is sterilized by a gamma-irradiation of minimum 21 kGy.

TIt is packed in 12,5 kg sealed PP-buckets / L-Box
Details: LASQCdiets >> Sales>> Packaging 


All LASQCdiets fulfil the following specifications:


Scientific Quality / Design

  • fulfils the New Scientific Standard
       (recommend requirements from leading scientists)
  • comparable with worldwide leading products
  • problem free adaptation for purchased livestock
  • Semi-Fixed-Formula™ for highest consistency in nutrients and raw materials
  • *) Zero - without Critical Raw Materials

    • without soya: potential risk of Phytoestrogens
      More Information: LASwiki >> Soya & Phytoestrogene
    • without fish: potential risk of Nitrosamins
    • without coating: potential risk of respirable dust
    • without GMO:No required marking of for Genetically Modified Products
      Details: LASQCdiets
      >>Quality >> Analyis

Best Technical Quality

    • integrated QM-System in according to ISO9001, QS-Standard, HACCP,…
    • usage of raw materials in food grade quality
      pasteurization as minimum standard for germ-free products
    • Details: LASQCdiets >> Quality >>Production

*) Cert - Certification (GLP analysis)

The validation of Premium Quality requires a wide-range of laboratory tests according with the GLP Standard. These are available online and free of charge.
Details: Quality >> LASQCdiets >> Analyis

Effective Usage Guarantee of 6 Months

LASvendi  guarantees a Shelf-Life of 6 months on their products since the feeds are delivered fresh from the production line. This means that the full shelf life of the product is at the disposal of the customer.
Details: Quality >> LASQCdiets >> Shelf Life

Users' experience show: about 95% of all tasks can be covered with a single recipe. Under the motto "keep it simple & smart" (KISS principle) LASvendi offers an optimized range forage.

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