LASvendi - Premium Products at Wholesale Prices™

LASvendi® is the wholesale for biomedical laboratory animal facilities. We concentrate on the supply of important goods of basis care at the lowest cost. With the lean range of proven products you optimize purchasing, storage and handling.

LAS stands for Laboratory Animal Science - vendi stands for sale, recommend

Quality controlled Standard Diets for Rats, Mice, Rabbits, Geniua Pigs and Pigs, according to the latest recommendations; pasteurized, autoclavable or irradiated

Special Diets for special research purposes (Customer Research Diets) made ​​for specific models (e.g., Cre-ER) or according to your demands.

Premium-Bedding from spruce wood or poplar wood; fibrous, granulated or cubic, highly absorbent and low in dust

Personal Protective Equipment for expedient safety (eg. clogs, respirators, gloves, overalls, shoe covers)

User-friendly disinfectant for animal facilities (eg. H2O2 cold mist sprayer, H2O2 surface disinfectant sprays)

Cost saving special solutions for your facility (eg. enrichment, transport boxes, transport water supplement)

Consulting and training in nutrition, enrichment, quality management, occupational safety and other topics

In using these state of the art products it is possible to reduce the amount of animals and accelerate the research process.

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Premium Products at Wholesale Prices™

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