LAS   vendi   meets your needs for high-quality premium products at wholesale prices.

At LASspecials you find selected products for a variety of purposes such as cage enrichment, transportation and more specifically for your facility.

LASspecials Cotton Rolls 40 serve in a special way the comfort behavior of rodents. They stimulate the behavior and ensure optimum enrichment of the cage environment. Consisting of cotton wool the Cotton Rolls are autoclavable and well portioned. They have a high volume to use and promote nesting behavior.

LASspecials TeePee™ Mouse Huts serve in a special way the comfort behavior of rodents. The Mous Huts promote the natural behavior and provide an optimal enrichment of the cage environment. Consisting of PP the TeePee Mouse Huts are compact and autoclavable. Size: approx 125mm x 125mm x 65mm.

LASspecials NectaH2O as a liquid reservoir for transport and for accustomed to automatic watering systems. Suitable for all rodents and rabbits. NectaH2O is welded in 75 gr bag and is 98% pure H2O. On request autoclaved or gamma irradiated available.

LASspecials Transport-Boxis the quick and easy transport solution. Easy to use, pre-assembled and autoclavable. Both sizes are divisible. With printed notice to IATA (International Air Transport Association) compliance.

Der LASspecials Stapler is the practical solution to securing stable the divider into the transport boxes secure.

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