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Large savings possible through more efficient animal models

The use of Soya-free diets can reduce the use of animals, minimizes the suffering and accelerate the research process. Here are some appropriate examples:

TRAMP Mice - a far more effective Cancer Model without Soya-Genistein
If the Soya Genistein is removed in the diets of the transgenic prostate mouse, the content of unchanged tumour rate increases by approximately three times according to a study from Lamartiniere et al. (2002). This reduces the amount of test animals required and the test costs.
More Details: 3Rdiet_tramp_eng.pdf

Cre-lox ER - oral application of Tamoxifen only suitable for Soya-Genistein-free applications.
There are valid case studies that show that the oral application of Tamoxifen first becomes effective when the Soya Genistein is removed. This not only reduces the suffering of the animals but also the project costs and simplifies the treatment. The cost saving effect at 50 mice is at ca. 3.000,- EUR only for the animals.
More Details: 3Rdiet_cre-er_eng.pdf

eNOS-KO Mouse - only without Soja-Genistein a functionel model
The absence of Soya-Genistein enables the eNOS-KO Models to be established. They are the basis for numerous scientific findings. Today at this special unit, all breed animals are feed on a Soya-free diet.
More Details: 3Rdiet_eNOS-KO_eng.pdf

There are many similar examples, no doubt you have also similar experiences? For every example that we are allowed to display in our website will be rewarded with 50,- Euros.

More details about Soya and Phytoestrogens in diets at: LASconsult >> Soya&Phytoestrogens

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