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LASvendi finished year with record-result
Reported on 28th Dec. 2009

LASvendi® looks back highly contentedly on a successful fiscal year, the high expectations were still surpassed. Numerous, new custers could be acquired. The innovations, as the L-Box for irradiated diets, are assumed very well. The customer-satisfaction is on a high level..

CreActive TAM400 - Tamoxifen diets for conditional (inducible) transgenic models
Reported on 14th Nov. 2009

There are several valid reports that diets without Soya Genistein will increase effectiveness of oral dosage of Tamoxifen for conditional transgenic Cre-ER models. Oral Tamoxifen administration is thus a convenient and cost-saving way for gene induction and, most importantly, it reduces stress and avoids adverse effects in mice.

Further important information under LASCRdiet_CreActive_Tam400_Flyer.pdf

Innovative packaging for gamma irradiated diets
Reported on 26th Oct. 2009

The new L-BOX (12,5 kg) for irradiated diets is available now. Right with the start of sales activity more than 600 boxes had been sold. The innovative packaging guarantees:
• outstanding product safety for irradiated goods
• user-friendly handling by carry handles
• easy disinfection of the surface (gassing or dipping)
• less storage volume inside the barrier by good stackability
• convenient emptying even under air flow cabins

Further information under LASvendi_L-Box_eng.pdf

First orders from France
Reported on 05th Oct. 2009

The first orders by France customers had been placed. Significant clients had been convinced by the excellent Price-Performance-Ratio. Out distributor GENOBIOS estimates that we can gain a quick grows similar to the German market.

2nd price reduction this year
Reported on 14th Sep. 2009

After a price reduction of bedding at March 2009 we now reduced the prices for diets as well. Background is the excellent business development of the last 12 month and the reduced grain purchase price with the new harvest.

Tests us also! Order a few sample bags or simply order 1 palettes at a preference-price.

Autoclaving without clumping
Reported on 18. Aug. 2009

Customers assessment after the first regular order:
 "We now have the first diet bags in use. We would like to inform you, that our stuff is very satisfied with the quality after the autoclaving process. There is really less clumping that can be abolish completely after moving the bags a bit after the process. Great."

Tests us also! Order a few sample bags or simply order 1 palettes at a preference-price.

LASvendi Products now at France available
Reported on 02. Juni 2009

A few days ago a distribution contract for LASvendi® products was finalized with an French company. Targets are marketing und sales activities at France and the French speeking parts of Swissland and Belgium.

This week the new agreemet will be launched at the congress of AFSTAL.

Innovative packaging for irradiated products
Reported on 30. Juni 2009

Shortly a new innovative packaging for irradiated products will be available. Actual there is a test run by a significant customer. In the focus there are usability, easy disinfection of the surface and product safety. The first serial production is expected beginning of the 4th quarter.

LASvendi Products now at France available
Reported on 02. Juni 2009

A few days ago a distribution contract for LASvendi® products was finalized with an French company. Targets are marketing und sales activities at France and the French speeking parts of Swissland and Belgium.

This week the new agreemet will be launched at the congress of AFSTAL.

Pharmaceutical Industry intersted to LASvendi products
Reported on 18. Mai 2009

A few days ago the first request arrived from the pharmaceutical industry. This group of customers is particularly interested on quality, reliability and punctuality.

At the time is running the product assessment with focus to technical suitability.

1st customer audit successfully completed
Reported on 13. Mai 2009

The first produktions audit was successfully completed. The customer was completely satisfied. He highlighted the QM-System, the "freedom of medicines" (for several years no longer in the factory used), the pasteurization process (Bühler HYSYS-press) and the cleanness. The comment was: "The result has convinced me!"

With this commendation and the high level of satisfaction we are very happy.

Connet to LASvendi by Skype:
Reported on 5. Mai 2009

The increase accessibility LASvendi® is now available by Skype

The addresss:

LASQCdiets are manufactured free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
Reported on 15. Apr. 2009

Recently the German Agriculture Ministry banned the farming of GMO „MON 810“ products. The justification for this ban was the possible harmful effects to the environment. Further GMO-products are under consideration. In other European countries a general GMO-ban is already in place for nutrition and diet products.

This was taken into account when selecting the ingredient for LASQCdiet® during its development. The product contains no genetically modified ingredients. This avoids the legal requirement for registering and labelling that the product contains GMO-product

Further notices referring to risk assessment are can be found in the Press.

Newsletter 03/09: sensible saving with innovative products and strategies
Reported on 30. Mar. 2009

Already 1993 the managing director of a large feeding company has been opening the discussion about cost with a very simple request: “Quality up – Price down!“. Simultaneously a clear demand and a challenge.

Sensible saving means prevent unnecessary costs in the distribution area together with the use innovative products to improve animal modelling

Further important and latest information under lasvendi_info_09-03-30_sinnvoll_sparen.pdf    

The Business-Concept from LASvendi is SMART
Reported on 23. Mar. 2009

„The Idea is … focused, sensible, realisable, calculable and simply said: SMART.“ / „An interesting product…“ / „Altogether good and convincing.“ / „The feasibility is beyond doubt.“

These are the independent opinions of scientists and economists to the LASvendi® business concept as part of a competition for the initiative founding of a company in the Life Science field (

These conclusions were confirmation of the method so far and were the motivation for the further development!

Sales partnership with Kwint&Budde GmbH from Borchen has been completed
Reported on 09. Mar. 2009

A key issue 2009 at the founding of LASvendi® was next to a rapid increase in sales personnel recruitment. We are please to announce that the sales partnership between Kwint&Budde GmbH&Co KG and LASvendi® has been completed. This partnership is based on a long intensive business and private relationship between both parties.

Further details under lasvendi_info_09-03-06_vertriebspartnerschaft.pdf    

Commercial rodent breeder voiced: diet quality at the highest level
Reported on 25th Feb. 2009

Since the beginning of the year LASQCdiet® Rod18 has been successfully used by a well-known, commercial Rodent breeder. His assessment: the optical quality, usability and the acceptance from the animals, meets with our quality expectations. The breeding performance was also acceptable, we are very satisfied

Trust the opinion of the professionals! Ask for a test sample!

Choice feeding methods confirm the excellent palatability of the rodent diet
Reported on 09th Feb. 2009

As a part of a choice feeding study, the rats chose decidedly for the rodent feed from LASvendi®. The "consumers" confirmed: productions freshness, good ingredient mixture and an absence of conservatives are important for the save care of the animals

Trust the opinion of the animals!

Break-even points achieved after only 4 Months - significant expansion is planned
Reported on 26th Jan. 2009

2008 was a successful year for LASvendi®. The business has developed positively; the ambitious annual target was clearly exceeded. After only 4 months of sales the break-even point was reached. In 2009 we wish to build on this good start; in January the sales were up by 25% and this has raised our expectations.

Cheap logistic tariffs stay constant - despite 40% toll increase
Reported on 05th Jan. 2009

On 1st January the toll costs were increased by over 40%. Through the successful negotiations with the transport company, a reduction of the base tariffs mainly covered this increase; this meant that an increase in transport costs therefore is not necessary.

The transports cost by LASvendi® remain low.

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