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Customers discover JELUXYL bedding as an interesting alternative
Reported on 18th Dec. 2008

The demand for JELUXYL bedding over the past weeks increased dramatically. After a trail period it is apparent to the customers that: "The quality of the HW 300/500 fibre is significantly better than from other suppliers". We are very pleased with this assessment

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Newsletter 11/08 available: Modern technique secure quality and price advantage
Report from 02nd Dec. 2008

The Newsletter indicated, how with the use of the new HYSYS-process pathogens germs can be effectively eliminated. The detailed analysis from a credited laboratory confirmed the excellent quality of LASQCdiets®. Using the "Build-to-Order" process it is possible to deliver a production fresh product to the customer

In addition the article show that the Premium bedding HW 300/500 (compatible with a ¾ fibre) which has already been successfully used for years by large scale breeders.

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LASvendi® now Trade Mark
News 07th Nov 2008

The LASvendi® is a registrated trade mark at the "Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt" (Reg.Nr. 30 2008019 767).
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Order volume at October increased by 35% - foreign part dominant
News 15th Oct. 2008

The orders for the serial production for October are placed. The volume increased significantly by 35%. With more than 50% the foreign part is surprisingly high. Due to several positive tests we assume that the domestic demand will increase strongly until end of this year.

Lage Saving possible by using 3Rdiets™
News 1st Oct 2008

The goal "saving by purchase" can be realized by the sales concept "Build-to-Order". A second goal is the „increase of value by usage". At various animal models it is demonstrable that the use of soya free 3Rdiets™ can reduce the experimental cost significantly.
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Weight of bags for diets reduced down to 12,5 kg - no price increase
News 24th Sep. 2008

Based on customer demands LASvendi reduced the weights for diet bags by 20% down to 12,5 kg. Hereby we achieve an active contribution for safety and work protection especially for female staff members.
 Due to better purchase conditions this enhancement in value can be realized without price increase! => Your advantage 3%.

First contracts signed - volume at 5-digits - cost saving at 2-digits
News 1st Sep 2008

After announcing of the serial production the first orders had been signed.
LASvendi starts with an order volume of 5-digits.
 A cost saving effect for the customer at 2-digits is possible.

Start of the serial production mid of September
News 15th Aug 2008

After an extended validation the first serial production is planned for mid of September. Die formulas are fixed and a logistic partner is contracted. The use of generics ensures a problem free adaptation.

LASbedding - Premium-Bedding available
News 21st July 2008

The information about the bedding products had been added. We offer 2 products on basis pine wood : "HW 300-500" "HW100-200" and 1 product on basis aspen wood: "Aspen-3".
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LASQCdiet® now Trade Mark
News 04th July 2008

The LASQCdiet® is a registrated trade mark at the "Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt" (Reg.Nr. 30 2008 005 922).
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Validation phase on schedule - serial production at 3rd quarter 2008
News 19th June 2008

"Phase I" for the validation of the pasteurised "HiHyg" produts is finished. The autoklavable products are now at "phase II". A contract with a gamma irradiation company is finalized.
 The start for the first serial production at quarter 3 is confirmed.

The Future is open

The LASvendi Website is open at the beginning of April 2008.
 We look forward to your visit.

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