LASvendi® is the wholesale for biomedical laboratory animal facilities.
We concentrate on the supply of important goods of basis care at the lowest cost. With the lean range of proven products you optimize purchasing, storage and handling.

Our name says it all:.
LAS stands for Laboratory Animal Science - vendi stands for sale, recommend

LASvendi - Premium Products at Wholesale Prices

The demands and requirements of consumables such as diets, bedding or personal protective equipment have changed significantly in the last 10 years. The product prices are rising. At the same time the budgets of animal facilities are becoming more limited.

LASvendi® - new quality standards

Quality is our top priority. This is not only what you expected from us, but also what we expect from our suppliers. The extensive QM-Systems, which have since their introduction acquired many years of experience in the production of these special products

Customer orientation is our top priority

Personal Details of the Founder Dr. F.-J. Klausdeinken

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