Our Offer - Premium Products at Wholesale Prices™

LASvendi offers up to 40% discount (plus savings through the free certificate) compared with the list prices of other manufactures e.g.:

  • XXX* Mice chow, (soya free) list price 2007: 1.21 EUR/kg**
  • XXX* Mice chow, (soya free) list price 2011: 1.28 EUR/kg**
  • XXX* Mice chow, (soya free) list price 2013: 1.33 EUR/kg**
    (10% price increase since 2010)
  • Teklad Global Diet 2016 (Soya free) list price 2007: 1.22 EUR/kg**

*Product name deleted on demand of the supplier;

**Prices ex work excluding VAT.

Secure your first 20% discount through stream lined and fast processing:

  • Through buying of complete pallets
  • Through payment within 10 days after receiving the goods
  • Through a minimum order value of 500,- Euro

We would like to provide you with an individual quotation. To achieve the best solution and quotation we require information about which product you presently use, and the volume that you require.

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us!

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