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New ordering and delivery schedule for 2012 available
Reported on 28. Nov. 2011

the new order and delivery schedule 2012 is available at category "Ordering".

LASvendi acquired MPG tender for the supply of 550 t/a
Reported on 04. Aug. 2011

In April 2011 the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft called for a tender 250,000 kg diet and 350,000 kg bedding separated into 11 lots. We are pleased to announce that LASvendi has been awarded for the contract of 4 of 4 lots for diets and 5 of 7 lots for bedding. This represents an acceptance of bid of over 90% of the total tonnage. Additional with the current business LASvendi will move up to #2 on the German market.

The Max Planck Society is Germany's most successful research organization
Further important information about at MPG Portrait

Mid-year review - LASvendi continues strong growth
Reported on 18. July 2011

LASvendi finished the 2nd Quarter of 2011 with an increase of +29% against the first Quarter. Two major customers are currently in conversion to LASvendi products, furthe two large customers announced a change at end of quarter 3. We are optimistic to realize a re-doubling of revenues in 2011.

Eliminating parvovirus by heat treatment and gamma irradiation
Reported on 20. Mai 2011

Parvoviruses (e.g. MPV) are characterized by an increased ?????Aa?K??¹?? resistance to inactivation. In studies with bone marrow transplants for parvovirus a destruction value (D10) by gamma irradiation is determined at 7 kGy. At this context the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute attested that for a moderate inactivation 1-4 log 10 steps are necessary.

The gamma-irradiated LASvendi products are treated with minimum 21 kGy. A destruction of the parvoviruses of at least 3 log10 levels is assumed. Furthermore it should be noted that the food will undergo a heat treatment (about 2 min> 90 ° C) at production. A destruction of approximately 4 log10 steps to be expected.

Based on the current data, a gamma irradiation of >21 kGy are considered to be safe for MPV.

autoclavable diets - revalidation completed successfully
Reported on 26. Apr. 2011

As part of a process “autoclave validation" a major customer reviewed the suitability of the autoclavable rodent diet Rod18-A. Extensive analysis results before and after autoclaving demonstrate the excellent suitability of the product.
 Most parameters at main nutriens, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins show no or even minor changes due to steam sterilization. Particularly sensitive to heat exhibit Vitamin A and B1. These results confirm the experience and the additions of autoclavable types (fortified).

more details at LASconsult_diet_autoclaving.pdf

Special Pasteurization HYSYS eliminats germ content under detection limit
Reported on 21. Mar. 2011

HYSYS pelleting is an alternative to the extruder. Here, prior to the pelleting, the meal is heated up to 95 & ?????Aa?K??¹??deg;C and 240 seconds. By this novel pasteurization technique pathogens are eliminated efficiently. Even at 85 °C and 120 sec, the germ count is reduced under undetectable levels.

The advantages of the HYSYS-pelletizing technique are:
• optimal sanitation - efficient elimination of pathogenic germs
• lower production costs, much lower price
• no carryover e.g. of meat, blood or fish products
• higher bulk weights = better use of feeders

HYSYS is the standard for all LASvendi rodent diet food.

LASvendi is able to deliver – stock volume for bedding increased
Reported on 07. Feb. 2011

The supply of animals has high priority. These include in particular food and bedding. Due to current events, we inform you that LASvendi is able to deliver all required volumes! In reaction to current market conditions, we also increased the stock for bedding.

LASvendi finished year 2010 with record-result – revenue nearly doubled
Reported on 19. Jan. 2011

LASvendi® looks back highly contentedly on a successful fiscal year 2010. The revenue developed very positive. On a yearly base the turnover was nearly doubled. This increase is based on good performance at home country and foreign countries.

LASvendi now GmbH / Ltd.
Reported on 01. Jan. 2011

As of today the LASvendi GmbH takes over the business activities of the sole proprietor company LASvendi. Owner and managing director is Dr. Franz-Josef Klausdeinken.


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