Personal Details of the Founder Dr. F.-J. Klausdeinken

Since 1991 I have been working with firm conviction in the biomedical research area.
As an animal nutritionist I have been fascinated with the effects of the triangle “research - animal - diet” and the potential, which can still be extracted. As an economist I understand the financial dilemma that the academic research finds itself in. Never the less what is still truer than ever is:

Research is the best Medicine! (

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During my career I have acquire outstanding knowledge in:

Quality Management
- 12 years experience as QA Manager
- Installation of the following QM systems: ISO 9001:2000, PIC-GMP, HACCP

Research and Development
- 12 years as Research and Development Manager
- Development of LAS standards and special products (e.g. for Florescent Imaging or Gene Activation)

- Purchasing and Quality Control by subcontractors and raw material suppliers

- Production and Quality Control of the Internal Production

- Product Manager and Business Development Manager
- Since 1997 sale and marketing responsibility
- Establishing of brand names and new products
- Development and technical transformation of new logistic concepts (e.g. Fresh Service among others)

- 7 years as authorized company secretary
- 3 years responsibility for budget

Scientific contribution
- Publications
- Presentations at congresses
- Workshops for continuing education

Special Interests

Since 2001 I have been particularly fascinated with the effects of phytoestrogens out of soya plants on the biomedical research. I am convinced that soya free formulas can significantly increase the sensitivity of the model. Through the improvement of the data, the amount of animal can be reduced hence the research process can be accelerated.
More Information: LASwiki >> Soya & Phytoestrogens

Nothing in the world is more powerful than an idea, whose time has come.”
(Victor Hugo)

Dr. Franz-Josef Klausdeinken


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