Environmental management certified to ISO 50001

reported on 28. Aug. 2017

Increasingly customers are looking for a careful handling of resources. In a request for a tenders, environmental management has recently been listed as a criterion for evaluation. The diet production has introduced environmental management some years ago. Meanwhile it has been certified according to DIN ISO 500001: 2011. The certificate can be provided upon request.

LASvendi also wins tender for diets at Vienna
reported on 03. Apr. 2017

End of March the Medical University of Vienna informed that LASvendi will get the contract for >100 t/a of diets as well.


LASvendi wins tender at Vienna (Bedding + Enrichment)
reported on 07. Mar. 2017

End of February the Medical University of Vienna informed that LASvendi gets the contract for >100 t/a of bedding plus enrichment products.


New ordering and delivery schedule for 2017 available
reported on 25. Nov 2016

The new order and delivery schedule 2015 is available at category "Order".

Significant Investments in Poplar Bedding Production
reported on 29. July 2016

LASvendi offers premium poplar bedding at the lowest cost. Due to the very positive business development planned investment have been brought forward.
Essentially the following system components were replaced or extended:
• Conversion of the cutter system for more flexibility
• Optimization of available fractionation module
• Installation of reverse flow fine dust filter in front of bagging
• Renewal of the packaging system for more flexibility
Through the investments we could improve the effectiveness and enhance the quality in terms of fine dust and splinter.


FELASA Congress strengthens French partnership
reported on 25. June 2016

Together with the French partner Genobios LASvendi presented the products at the booth during the FELASA Congress. Particular the French-speaking customers have taken the option for extensively information.

LASvendi on the FELASA Congress at Brussels
reported on 27. Apr. 2016

LASvendi is represented with a booth at the FELASA Congress at Brussels. You will find us at the Cybercafe booth number CY06.

We put the right steam on the pellet
reported on 22. Feb. 2016

After extensive construction work, the diet production is now connected to a public steam supply. With a pressure of 7.5 bar and at temperature of 170 ° C the water vapor from a nearby supplier reaches the production line. The availability and quality of the saturated steam could be increased significantly compared to the in-house system and adapted to the increased volumes.

The investment has a positive effect on the quality: increased pellet length and breaking strength. The steam also brings more glint to the pellet surface.

According to customer feedback, the autoclaveability is further improved - naturally without surface coating by critical silicates, which may affect studies.


LASvendi revenue increases further in 2015
reported on 25. Jan. 2016

LASvendi looks back on a successful year. In particular the irradiated diets are an outstanding source of revenue. The new products from poplar wood (LASbedding PG2 and PG3) accelerate by an increase of 50%:

We thank our customers and suppliers for their trust and cooperation.

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