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New ordering and delivery schedule for 2015 available
reported on 02. Dec. 2014

The new order and delivery schedule 2015 is available at category "Order".


New storage building at diet production
reported on 23. Oct. 2014

The new storage for finished diet is active since several weeks. It offers the possibility to load 3 trucks simultaneously. The truck can be loaded via a ramp directly with an electric fork-lifter.
The storage provides a space of about 750 m², which are approximately 2/3 for storage of final goods and 1/3 for consignments. With the new storage not only t/he storage capacity is enlarged but but also process of loading is much faster.


Phytoestrogens deteriorate oocyte amount
reported on 19. Sep. 2014

During the workshop "Inducible and conditional knock-out systems" on the GV-SOLAS meeting a feeding study at the DKFZ was presented by Prof. J. Schenkel. 3 PE-poor standard diets (including (including LASvendi Rod16) showed a 3 times as high oocyte amount as a PE-containing standard diet.

More details on the effect of PE under .../laswiki/soja-phytoestrogene.html

LASvendi supports apprentices on the GV-SOLAS congress
reporten on 09. Sep. 2014

This year LASvendi supports 25 apprentices of a professional school during your visit on the GV-SOLAS congress at Frankfurt. An extensive program of workshops, poster presentation and contact with exhibitors is planned.


Visit us on the GV-SOLAS in Frankfurt - Stand 58 + technical presentations
reported on 01. Sep. 2014

At the congress of the GV-SOLAS in Frankfurt from 10 to 12. Sep. LASvendi will be present with a booth. Established and new products will be presented to a broad audience.

Attention modification program of lectures!

BAlready on Thu 16:30 clock Anja Osterkamp will talk about the use of protective gloves. Following at 17:00 clock, you can follow a lecture on the manufacture of laboratory animal diets (both IGTP lectures).


Hyspray H2O2 cold mist vaporizer reduces bacterial content within 3 h by >5 log steps
reported on 22. Aug. 2014

The TRM has performed a validation of the Hyspray H2O2 cold mist vaporizer. In a 160 m3 room 12 bioindicators (Log5) and 12 chemical indicators were used. After nebulization (incl  3 hrs. reduction) on all indicators was detected no more growth. Nebulization leads to a reduction of at least 5 log.  

The minutes will be sent on request by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More details at


Certified poplar litter as a private label
reported on 13. Aug. 2014

aNow are two poplar products available as private labels. These are prepared in QM-certified facilities and are equipped with certificates of analysis.

LASbedding PG1 – Poplar Granulate 1-2 mm;
                                comparable with JRS Select fine

LASbedding PG3 – Poplar Granulate 3-5 mm;
                                comparable with JRS Select

More details at


New website online
reported on 01. July 2014

After a 6-year use of the Internet presence of LASvendi has been completely revised. This is now built more product-oriented - clear and innovative.

Focus is a simple and clear presentation of the expanded product range as well as integration of decision support for product selection. A simplification of the navigation and finding the landing pages with just a few clicks are here in the foreground


New product lines
reported on 25. June 2014

After a development phase with market and product testing we have completed the expansion of our product groups. The existing product lines LASdiets (food) and LAS bedding  (bedding) are added by the product groups LAS protec t (personal protective equipment), LAShygiene (disinfection) and LAS specials  (special solutions).

Startthe new product groups (pre-launch)
reported on 28. März 2014

The launch of thenew product groups LASprotect™ und LAShygiene™ is imminent.The first presentations to clients are of great interest. LASprotect includes the "Personal protective equipment" for meaningful work safety, the LAShygiene is user-friendly disinfectant for animal housing.

Successful business year2013
reported on 04. Feb. 2014

2013was a successful year for LASvendi. In addition to asignificant increase in salesAnjaOsterkampsigned an appointment as a technical manager. The construction of thenew product groups is well advanced. These are the first Qrt. 2014 introduced on the market.
Theplanned investment in the food production have been made in full. The core is the new packing and loading

Newbusiness address
reported on 01. Jan. 2014

The business addressof the company has changed to:
Märkische Straße 37, D-59494 Soest
All other contact information (Tel. / Fax. / Email) remain unchanged.

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