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New ordering and delivery schedule for 2012 available
Reported on 03 Dec. 2012

The new order and delivery schedule 2013 is available at category "Ordering".

Pellet quality - abrasion content below 1%
Reported on 02 Nov. 2012

As part of a validation a major customer measured the abrasion / flour content. 137.5 kg Rod16-R were evaluated (11 x 12.5 kg gamma irradiated in the bucket). The meal content for the total amount was at 1.4 kg and thus below 1%.

The investments in plant technology done at the 1st quarter 2012, have paid off. In addition, shortly another new sieving module will be installed.

Tamoxifen food CreER TAM400 provides homogeneous results
Reported on 24 Oct. 2012

The use of the CreER TAM400 feed, supplemented with 400 mg / kg tamoxifen, is preferable not only from animal welfare considerations vs. an ip injection. The data are more homogeneous and the handling is easier.
 A customer writes: "We now have some experience with using the TAM400 in our TAM400 CreERT2 models and I’m very satisfied. In comparison to the i.p. injection the TAM400 fed mice show much more homogeneous results. Quite apart from the procedure is much more comfortable."

The goods are gamma irradiated in 1 kg bags available.

Significant increase in breeding transgenes after conversion
Reported on 31 Aug. 2012

As part of a removal different transgenic strains are now fed with the LASvendi Rod16-A. The head of the project reported a significant increase in breeding performance. Insemination and weaning rate increased by 100% each. In sum actual only 25% of the original breeding pairs are kept.
 Testing the Rod16-A at the original breeding unit first results are pointing in the same direction.

For 50 production cycles absolutely reliable
Reported on 27 July 2012

Since September 2008 every 4 weeks LASvendi produced diets and supplies these products immediately after production. With the cost-saving distribution concept "Build-to-Order" (manufacture on demand) premium quality products are available at very competitive rates.
 The advantages are obvious:
 - The products are distributed without loss of quality to customers (longer periods of storage can significantly affect the product quality).
 - The complete shelf life of 6 months is available for customers.
 - There is no additional cost for storage, handling and intermediate transport

A small margin of safety stock guarantees that unplanned orders can be served shortly.

Maternal mortality decreases after switching to LASvendi
Reported on 04 June 2012

Maternal mortality in the 2nd/3rd lactation week is in some units an underestimated topic. Non-public customer data clearly demonstrate that, according to the change in diet to LASvendi rodent chow mortality dropped by more than 75%. The low level has remained stable for many months.

Optimized pellet quality through better technology
Reported on 18 April 2012

Due to fluctuations in the baking quality of wheat pellet quality was partly at the lower level. In the 1st quarter 2012 major investments were made in the plant equipment. Now all changes are active. Our customers report a uniformly good quality pellet.

LASvendi Newsletter 03/2012: soy genistein affects cardiovascular models
Reported on 26 March 2012

Soya Genistein influenced as tyrosine kinase inhibitor the ACEs and AT receptors. Also effects on cholesterol levels and NOS activity are detected. For this reason, e.g. the feeding of hypertension rats (SHR / WKY) with soya containing diets can be counterproductive. Stroke models also can be affected by the use of soy.

The newsletter is only available in German language at LASvendi_Info_2012_03_CVS.pdf

Bedding - new packaging
Reported on 27 Feb. 2012

The new packaging of PE is available now. Your benefits:
• packaging weight do not exceeding 10 kg
• transport and storage on EUR-pallets (120x80cm)
• drivability of standard doorways
• better printing quality of of labeling and batch number
• easier disinfection of the smooth surface, autoclavable
 Of course our competitive prices remain unchanged.

LASvendi doubled sales from the 1st to the 4th quarter of 2011
Reported on 06. Jan. 2012

2011 was a successful year - revenues from 1 the 4th Quarter have been doubled. Major clients have opted for LASvendi, almost all of the tenders were won. After only three years LASvendi could establish itself as the second largest provider in the German market - a special thanks to our customers.

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