“Trust is good, control is better”

The validation of the Premium Quality consists of physical, microbiological and chemical tests.
The extended laboratory testing according to GLP standards are available to all customers. This way we guarantee the highest level of safety and tractability.

The extended analysis is orientated on the general guidelines of the governing bodies (such as GV-SOLAS, FELASA and GLP Guidelines).

• Analysis of main Nutritional Components
  Protein, Fat, Fibre NfE (N-free-Extract), Water and Ash
• Analysis of Minerals
  Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Magnesium
• Analysis of Critical Substances (approx. 250 types)
  Pestizides, Heavy metals, Mycotoxins, Antibiotic activity
• Analysis of Microorganisms
  Aerobic germs (GKZ), Esherichia coli, yeast and moulds, Salmonella

Please note!
The first test results are available within a few hours of the production. This enables us to guarantee that only products that have passed our quality standards are allowed to leave our factory.

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