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Die LASQCdiets® products are manufactured using the latest technical production methods and control through Total Quality Management (TQM). The remarkable features of the production is a 100% through put free of rest and remains of previous batches, ensuring hygienic mixing of flour and an accurate formulation.

The heart of the production line consists of:

  • Bühler Mixer
    with a mixing accuracy of 1:100,000, stainless steel construction, self-purging cycle (cleaning cycle).

  • Bühler HYSYS Hygiene System
    with a pasteurizing temperature of 95°C for 2 min.; only very few of this type exist in Europe.

With the special treatment HiHyg (pasteurizing temperature of 95°C for 2 min) the perfect pasteurizing effect is achieved and pathogenic germs are killed efficiently (see Fig. Germ Reduktion at 85°). In addition a selective use of raw materials ensures that there is an optimisation of the homogenised mixture and improved pellet quality.

This action is likely to push the germ counts of total aerobic, E-coli, yeast, mold and salmonella below the detection limit.



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The use of the Bühler mixer 1:100,000 accuracy and purging cycle ensures the optimal distribution and minimises the risk of contamination.

The goods packed fresh from the production line and delivered to the customer the next day.
This avoids temporary storage which can have a significant effect on the products quality.
(ref. FELASA Guidelines 2007; GV-SOLAS (1996,2001))

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