LASprotect Overalls

for occupational safety and wellbeing of staff in hygienically controlled areas.

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LASprotect Overall, Standard, CE-CAT I (with hood)

Affordable and hygienic disposable overall CE Category I of PP fleece. Suitable as protection for the ordinary working clothes eg during site inspections.

LASprotect Overall, Comfort, CE-CAT III Type 5b+6b (with hood)

Comfortable and breathable Tyvek® disposable overall CE category III Type 4B + 5 + 6. This coverall with hood taped seams provides protection against chemical and biological hazards such as blood, viruses, etc. (bio-barrier according to EN14126: 2003). By Tyvek® -zipper with adhesive cover, practical rubber bands and thumb loops for a secure fit, a high degree of safety and comfort is given.

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