Among the many marked as chemical protective glove"the only correct glove" provides adequate protection against all chemicals will not exist. The selection for the user is not so easy.

In addition, for example, a nitrile glove for a particular chemical of manufacturer A  protects not just as well like a nitrile glove of the manufacturer B. Principle should be considered when selecting appropriate protective gloves:

Chemical protective gloves do not protect against every chemical

Chemical protective gloves can only protect the skin if they are "impervious" to the respective chemical. They must above all "endure" with to the chemical used.There must not material destroyed and for no penetration (permeation) come over a defined period.

This permeation through glove materials through depends not only on the material properties, but also in particular of the material thickness. There chemical protective gloves but there are limits: If the gloves is too thick, the flexibility is limited, as is the sense of touch.

How important is the proper selection of gloves, shows the following negative example: "medical examination gloves" from vinyl were the purchase department provided - with the thought of what for the contact doctor -  patient would also be suitable for the contact animal technician - animal.In this case was not thought about the disinfection of the hands (respective gloves) which was carried out during transfers of animals during cage changing – however, vinyl gloves are against alcoholic solutions (a main ingredient in most hand disinfection solutions) not dense and be penetrated by the molecules of alcohol in a short time. Thus, the animal technician has more or less unprotected contact with this chemical over longer periods of time.

Therefore easy to carry "any" glove is not enough, but one has to rely on comprehensive information about the suitability and limitations of each glove.

LASvendi has due to the most commonly used in animal facilities chemicals made ​​a selection for you.


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