LASspecials Cotton Rolls 40 serve in a special way the comfort behavior of rodents. They stimulate the behavior and ensure optimum enrichment of the cage environment. Consisting of cotton wool the Cotton Rolls are autoclavable and well portioned. They have a high volume to use and promote nesting behavior.

Cotton Rolls 40 are:b_150_150_16777215_0_0_images_Produkte_pic_cotonrolls_klein.jpg

· Optimal for Rodents

· Support the comfort behavior

· Odor-absorbing

· Moisture regulating

· Compostable




approx. 40 x 10mm; approx. 0,6 g / Roll       
2500 pc. / Box, approx. 1,5 kg; 100 Boxes / EUR-Pallet, approx. 150 kg Net Weight/Pal.


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