LASbedding PG3 (Poplar Granulate 3-6 mm)

Poplar timber, coarse-cubic, low dust
free flowing, suitable for automatic filling systems
resin free raw material, especially suitable for IVCs and Isolators

This product has been specially designed for laboratory animals and is equal to world-leading products.

The raw material Poplar (lat. Populus) is resin free und reduces possible research impacts to a minimum.



PG3 is:

  • high absorbency
  • extreme low dust content
  • high hygienic level




PG3 is:

  • an economical answer to high quality expectations
  • measured and multi-dust filtered wood chippings from untreated poplar woods
  • optimal for breeding and keeping of small animals in laboratory conditions

Raw Material
The bedding is made from renewable poplar trees without any chemical treatment. Only healthy and bark free trunks from pollution free regions are used. The PEFC Standard, which we were awarded, guarantees we manage the woodland in a careful and ecologically friendly manner.

Quality Control
Regular sampling through independent and respected institutes guarantees consistent quality. Not only toxins but also the microbiological parameters are analysed.

PG3 is packed as follows (Item code / packaging) :

  • B.LBPG3.10      10 kg PE bag sealed, 36 bags / 360 kg per EUR-Pallet
  • B.LBPG3.10A    10 kg PP woven bag autoclavable, 36 bags / 360 kg per EUR-Pallet
  • B.LBPG3.1000   BigBag approx. 210 kg; accounting by weight

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