Quality and Cost Effectiveness

LAS bedding  Products are specially designed for laboratory animals and are comparable with world-leading products.

The bedding from spruce wood has:

  • high absorbency
  • low dust content
  • high hygienic level

The bedding has a low specific weight and therefore a high absorbency characteristic.

The LAS bedding  products are

  • an economical answer to high quality expectations.
  • measured and multi-dust filtered wood chippings from untreated soft woods.
  • optimal for breeding and keeping of small animals in laboratory conditions.


Table: Product Overview Spruce Bedding

Code Holzart Struktur besondere Merkmale
HW 300/500

3-10 mm


fibrous, flat

high absobency,
high litter volume, supports nesting behaviour


Grade 150/400

2 mm

spruce granulated

free flowing,
for automatic filling systems